(Poem Example) Nothing But Red I'm a monster Bad luck clings to me like a virus Dried blood on sharpened claws Ugly and angry...and alone Hisses and snarls and snaps Teeth crush and cut off a scream Abandonment, hatred...hunger and thirst

I'm a monster My name is feared to be spoken Gore laid on satin sheets Hated and afraid...and alone Red is all that's left in my life now Rejection, hatred... So thirst grows...

I'm a monster These Red eyes look back at me in the mirror... Horrendous and frightened... Mommy? Are you there? Mommy...Daddy? Hello? ..... ..... ..... MOMMY DADDY SAVE ME!! HELP ME MOMMY!! DADDY!! Don't cry little will all be over soon... .... .... .... Her little life vanishes under my Red eyes. Red blood...Red-stained floor... Red, Red, Red Nothing but Red... I'm a monster

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