Welcome to the Bloody Painter Wiki.

Welcome to the Bloody Painter Wiki.

Where Darkness can live on.

Korn - 'Prey for Me' Music Video w Official HD Studio Audio 2013

Korn - 'Prey for Me' Music Video w Official HD Studio Audio 2013


All is accepted by the following:

1.Fan Fiction(includes Yaoi/Yuri)

2.Misc. Books

Hello and Welcome to Bloody Painter Wiki. This Wiki is like Creepy Box Wiki except here, you can be dark, gloom and morbid. You can not also post Creepypasta, but you can post dark poems that you created. Express yourself. Let the darkness out.

What is "Creepypasta"? In short, a creepypasta is a short story that is posted on the Internet that is designed to unnerve and shock the reader.

You can post your original content and then have it reviewed by the community later on, either on here or via the Forum.

What is "Blood Whispers"?</b> Blood Whispers is "Dark art" (Poetry,Music,etc). You can post varies media here, to show many users what you do and teach them "How to" to help othere if they are interested.

All Ages Are Welcome

This site is not responsible for the following articles that users post that is too much to handle for readers. If an article is too creepy, it's best not to read it. You've have been warned.

Site Rules

3 main things:

1. Be respectful to other users. 2. If you are caught messing with other people's work, you will be banned or blocked for forth notice. 3. Have fun!

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